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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyPath?

MyPath is the UC San Diego Health Cancer Services patient portal that guides you through your unique cancer journey by sharing supportive services and connecting you to our many resources. MyPath does not replace the MyUCSDHealth patient portal mobile app or MyUCSDChart web site. You will want to continue to use those to access other online activities such as clinical scheduling, messaging, test results, and more.

Who is MyPath for?

All our patients receiving care at UC San Diego Health, Cancer Services.

What does MyPath offer?

MyPath improves your experience by:

How do I log in to MyPath?

Log in to MyPath using your UC San Diego Health MyUCSDChart login. If you do not have a MyChart login, use the "Sign Up" link on the login page.

Customer Support

Who do I reach out to if I am having technical issues with the application?

For login issues, please try the "Forgot Password?", "Forgot username?", and "Sign Up" links on the login page.

If your account is locked from too many failed login attempts, if you are having trouble with online self sign up for a MyChart/MyPath account, or if you have a technical problem preventing you from logging in call 619-543-5220.

Note that this group cannot answer billing, clinical, appointment scheduling, or medical records questions--for those, see below.

Who do I reach out to if I have a question regarding my cancer care?

If you think that some aspect your health information represented online is incorrect, or if you have questions about your clinical information in MyPath, please log in to MyChart and send a message to the office of your physician or contact your clinic directly.

Who do I reach out to if I have a mental health concern?

Appointment Scheduling

While MyPath does allow you to schedule support services classes, you cannot use MyPath to online schedule clinical appointments. Log in to MyChart for more information about clinical online scheduling.

Do not use MyPath or MyChart scheduling for urgent matters. For health related emergencies, call 911.

Billing Customer Support

For billing support call 855-827-3633.

Medical Records

Not all of the information in your personal health record is accessible to you in the MyPath app. To see more of your information log into MyChart. If you need access to information beyond what is included online, log in to MyChart and submit an online Medical Records Request.